Saturday, May 24, 2014

Slow It Down

Has anyone else noticed how quickly the month of May has been flying by? I still feel like I just got back from Greece, even though it's been a solid month since my return (and I promise I'll post about my trip eventually!). At this point it's worth it to mention that, for a myriad of reasons, I will no longer be staying in London for a full year, but plan to return to the States at the end of July. I have mixed feelings about it since I'm looking forward to being close to family and friends again, but I know I'll miss London a lot. All this to say, I'm trying really hard to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity!

That sounds simple enough because, duh, I'm living in London, but I actually find it kind of hard to live in the present. I tend to live my life either reminiscing about the past or dreaming of the future. Ask any of my friends, I'm usually either recounting something that happened in college, or even two weeks ago, or carrying on about some plan for the future (usually a potential vacation). History is sure to repeat itself and before I know it I'll be back in Texas, dreaming of a way to get out and clinging desperately to the memories I made here, counting down the days until my next big adventure.

Before all that happens though, I have a crazy/exciting/exhausting month ahead of me. But seriously, it's just going to make my last ten weeks here go by THAT much quicker! In two weeks Sammy and her boyfriend Ryan are coming for a week, during which time we'll be going to Brussels and Amsterdam. The weekend after I get back from Amsterdam, I'll be jetting off to the south of France for a few days of sun with Brittany and her sister. Last, but certainly not least, will be a week with my other blonde bestie, Sarah, including a couple of days each in Paris and Rome.

I'm hoping that writing all this down will force me to remember to just appreciate where I'm at right now and not focus so much on the future. My return to the States will mean figuring out where to settle down (that's a whole other stay in Texas, or not to stay in Texas?), readjusting to "normal" life and finding a job. It's not like I can do anything to help that from London so there's no need to waste my time here wondering what is going to happen. It's time for me to learn to focus on the here and now.

Sorry for the text heavy post, I promise I'll make up for it with lots of pictures next time! Here's to slowing down and enjoying the present :)


  1. Eek! I know how quick has it gone?!

    Buuut there are jobs that you can get here.... Just sayin' :P

  2. Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed London. Good luck with the move back and hope you enjoy your last few weeks here!

    Saskia /

  3. Yeah, I know I've already commented, but you need to blog again.

    You just need to.