Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Residence

Things have been pretty quiet around this blog for the past few months, but lucky for my loyal readers (the few that have stuck with me!) that is about to change. In less than three weeks I'll be hopping on a flight bound for London where I will live for a year as an au pair!

When I really sit and think about what I'm doing, there is a moment where I realize how crazy and unlike me the whole thing is. Mostly, though, I'm insanely excited for an amazing year ahead of me. I love to travel but I've never left North America so I'm looking forward to not only living in another country, but also visiting as many new places as possible while I'm in Europe.

Every time I try to make a list of places to go or things to see it ends up being way too long so for now I don't have much of a plan. Maybe I'll come up with a loose "Euro bucket list" sort of thing. It's really hard to narrow down places I want to visit (I have to be realistic about what I can afford) but it couldn't hurt to get something down on paper. There's also plenty of things I want to experience (i.e. the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace), so that can be included as well. I'm open to suggestions of things to see so definitely leave a comment if you've got ideas for me!

Now I've got 18 days to figure out how to pack for a year abroad...this should be interesting.