Thursday, December 12, 2013

Travel Diaries: New England Day 4

Time for the grand finale of my New England vacation: our day trip to NYC! I hate to play favorites because, really, I was ecstatic about the entire trip, but I was definitely most excited for New York. Since we took the train from New Haven I got to see a little bit of the Yale campus, which gives Harvard some seriously stiff competition, as far as beautiful campuses go.

Our train ended up being about 30 minutes late getting into the city. Pretty annoying when time is already limited, but we hopped in a cab and headed straight to our first destination, the 9/11 memorial. We got lucky and there was absolutely no line so we were able to walk right in. The memorial is gorgeous and definitely worth seeing if you're ever in the area.

From the memorial we worked our way north on the subway to Washington Square Park, which was one of my personal must-sees. I fell in love the second we saw it and I'm now determined to go back and enjoy the park in nicer weather.

Since Jade and I were obviously pros at navigating the subway after our one ride, (ha, not really) we took the train further north to Bryant Park. There was a cute little Christmas fair type setup, complete with a merry-go-round, ice skating rink and heated area for sipping spiked cider. We warmed up for a bit while enjoying a cannoli, then walked just around the corner to Times Square. At the risk of sounding like a hater, Times Square is what it is. I was glad to see it but we pretty much walked through, looked around for a second then ditched the hustle and bustle.

After popping into Laduree for macarons, we met up with my friend Taylor for dinner at Haven Rooftop. A rooftop restaurant sounds crazy for how cold it was, but they had the area enclosed so we were perfectly warm. Our dinner was excellent and the company was even better. Again, I was so glad for the opportunity to visit with another friend!

After dinner we booked it to the train station and before I knew it, we were saying goodbye to the city. Early the next morning I bid adieu to my gracious hostess and began a long day of travel home, including a stop in snowy Chicago where the plane had to be de-iced.

One long post later - I have to say I really had a great time and can't wait for another trip to New England someday! I think I'll have to visit Boston and NYC each on their own and definitely go during warmer weather. If you followed along, thank you! If you're reading my blog for the first time, you can read about the rest of my trip here and here.


  1. I love it!!! You guys were all over the map on this day and got to see a lot! I'm actually jealous of your weather. It was almost in the 80s when I was there two months ago. Miserable I tell ya!! LOVEEE this pics :)

  2. Ahh, Washington Square Park is one of my favorite NY spots! I really need to get back up there to see that 9/11 memorial. I think last time I was there, they were still constructing it. Look at y'all in your cute little hats! Reminds me that I need to get some more wintery hats :)

  3. Haha well I need to go when there's a happy medium because walking around in single digit weather is quite miserable too! It doesn't help that I was pretty ill-equipped as far as cold weather wear goes. Even now with my down parka...I would prefer to go in the spring :)

  4. It was so beautiful! We didn't see much of the surrounding area, just what was on our way to and from the subway, but I loved the vibe. They're putting in a museum at the memorial that will be opening in the spring so it would be cool to go back for that. Aaaand I need more hats too haha I actually borrowed that one from Jade!

  5. Ahhh it all looks SO beautiful! I am entranced by all the architecture, it's my fave. :) Glad you had a great trip! Now, on to the bigger adventure! :D

  6. The architecture up there is GORGEOUS. It's sad that you just don't really see that down here...I mean Texas has it's pretty spots but it just doesn't compare to New England!

  7. It all looks so beautiful, especially their campus!

    Looks like you've had an amazing trip, and who can help but play favourites with NYC? :) x