Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past weekend I went to Austin to visit Kassie and we had a grand old time! We went to all new-to-me places to eat and hang out, which made the weekend even more fun, and it was almost like visiting a new city.

When I got there on Friday we went to Whip In, a beer and wine store that also serves Indian food. It had a really chill atmosphere, tons of beer to choose from, and the food was delicious! We each ordered a panaani that I'm craving as I type. After filling up we headed back to Kassie's and took it easy the rest of the night while we watched Cabin in the Woods.

Saturday we went to Wahoo's Fish Tacos off South Congress. Lunch was good and we followed up with Walton's, a bakery and flower shop owned by Sandra Bullock. It was a really cute shop, but we were a little disappointed since we were there for the macarons and they only had vanilla. We took what we could get though, and they were tasty! I'm sure it was just bad timing on our part.

For dinner we went to Salty Sow. Kassie (and a few others) had talked the place up and I wasn't disappointed. We ordered the duck fat fries with egg on top for our appetizer and they went pretty quickly. I was decidedly less adventurous with my main course order of shredded pork ragu compared to Kassie's order of beef tongue. I was a little weirded out but tried a bite of hers and it was actually good!

Saturday night was one of my favorite nights out in a long time. Kassie's favorite Austin dj is ulovei, so we decided to go wherever he was playing. We consulted twitter and were happy to find out he would be at The Volstead Lounge on East 6th Street, which had been our planned destination anyway. Ulovei was awesome and had a really great mix of music so Kass and I danced our little hearts out all night long. In between all the dancing I also got a chance to meet a friend from Instagram, Vanessa. We've been following each other for a while now and she happened to be visiting Austin the same weekend as me and we were thrilled for a chance to meet. Vanessa and her friend Amanda met up with Kassie and me for a bit. We had a great time chatting and getting to know each other!

After shutting the bar down, brunch came late the next day. We went to Hi Hat Public House and I had the best french toast of my life! I normally go for more savory brunch food but luckily I got the best of both worlds since Kassie ordered the biscuits and gravy.

We decided we needed post-brunch macarons and headed to La Patisserie. The place was adorable and they had a really good selection. I chose the rose and salted caramel and they were equally scrumptious! Before we could eat our macarons, we wandered around the surrounding neighborhood to burn some of our brunch calories. We happened upon the cutest little blue house and then creeped on Elijah Wood's house. Sadly, he wasn't home so I guess neither of us will ever know what we're missing out on!

Per the usual, I had an excellent time visiting Kassie! I already miss her and I'm hoping I can make it back soon.


  1. So much good food!! Looks like y'all had a great time :)

  2. Best Weekend Ever!!!! GET THE PIC!! WE SHOULD GET A PIC!! Lawlz for years. Seriously though, I had such a fun time. I'm sad it had to end...but it's probably best for the sake of our wallets, our bellies, our livers and our overall sanity. <3you.

  3. Ahhh, your trip makes me so jealous! I need to take a visit back before my time is up!

  4. Yes! As far as places I want to go regularly, Whip In was definitely my new fave! Salty Sow was delicious and has a great ambiance, but it's a little pricey so not on the list for every single Austin visit.

  5. Hahaha GET UP THERE AND I'LL TAKE A PIC!!! I still get sad sometimes when I realize we will never live together again, college went by way too quick! But it just means we have a million times more fun when we get together to make up for all the lost time :)

  6. You do need to go and you definitely need to hit up wherever ulovei is deejaying! I guarantee you would love him! Plus Austin is too fun not to make a trip before you move :)

  7. wait, TWO whole blog posts in one month?! yay!!! Love Austin so much, need to go back soon! Although I'm more of a summer visitor, it just glows in the summer! :)

  8. I like to go any time! I've always got great company and a free place to stay :)