Friday, November 15, 2013

Five On Friday

Next week I get to visit my oldest friend, Jade, in Connecticut! Funny story, I purchased my flight at the end of July thinking I had booked for Thanksgiving...nope. So I'm going a week earlier than I planned but luckily things have still worked out just fine. I've never been to New England before so we're trying to squeeze a lot into my four day trip. Thursday and Friday we'll be sticking around Connecticut and seeing the sights there. Saturday we decided to go to Boston and Sunday we're going to New York City and I'm super excited for both! I know that a day in each of those cities isn't really enough, but it's the time I have and I'm happy to get experience so many new places in just four days.

I'm dying to see the movie About Time. I like a good girly movie from time to time and I especially like all things British and Rachel McAdams! Hopefully I'll get to see it this weekend.

I just found out that Marchesa did a line of nail wraps for Revlon and I've decided I NEED some! I've never actually tried nail wraps before but I've heard good things and the Marchesa ones are especially gorgeous. Would it be too excessive to buy them all?

Earlier in the week Sarah tipped me off to a cheap eyeliner pen at Target I should try. We both love Eyeko eyeliner pens but e.l.f. has a nearly identical version available for only $2.00 (Sarah actually snagged hers for just a buck). I've used it twice now and I've been really pleased so far. The Eyeko pen runs $16.00 and does last quite a while, but how can you beat saving $14.00?

I started making bow headbands last fall and lately I've been working on small updates to make them even better. Last night, while trying something new, I ran out of the mint green yarn I was using and switched to white halfway through finishing up the bow. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! I  was actually looking to try making the bows smaller but my OCD side needed the colors to by symmetrical and I'm happy with the color block look. I posted a picture to Instagram and got some good feedback so I'll have to try it out with other colors now!


  1. I just looked at my receipt and mine was $2 and somehow they charged me for two and I only got one!!! Haha target bastards! And I really hope you gift me that adorable headband before I am forced to steal it. Because I will. I just don't want to have to resort to that!!!!

  2. Yay for #1!

    Also, I've been doing #4 for ages! :) Drugstore makeup for the win!

  3. Haha Target gyped you! Welllll Christmas is coming so don't resort to thievery just yet ;) You know I won't let you go to Paris without some cute new cold weather gear!

  4. Haha I'm still picky! My skin is too sensitive for drug store foundations and powders but I'm more open to saving on some eye makeup.