Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Capture the Color

I loved Marisha's recent Capture the Color contest post so much that I decided to join in! Capture the Color is a photoblogging contest where you post pictures from your travels that best showcase the colors red, green, blue, yellow and white. The deadline is actually today so I pushed it to the last minute but I've had a blast reliving some of my favorite trips while searching for pictures.

Each color category has one winner who can choose from one of three prizes, and one grand prize winner gets 3,000 pounds travel money! I'm guessing this contest is open internationally but even if not, it's fun anyway (plus, let's be real, none of my pictures are going to win!)

Brick sidewalk in New Orleans

The Chicago River being dyed green on St. Patty's Day in Chicago

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks at dusk in Seattle

Flowers at the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC

Seashells in Rosemary Beach, FL 

I love a trip down memory lane! The contest will most likely be over by the time you're reading this (sorry!) but that doesn't mean you couldn't have your own private 'photoblog.' If you do a post like this or have already done one, let me know so I can take a look!


  1. Yay you entered! I am OBSESSED with the green picture that is just too cool! :)


  2. Man you have traveled a lot lately!!! I love the white picture the most!



  3. Isn't it?! They do that every year on St. Patty's in Chicago and there's pretty much a city-wide party. It's awesome! And that picture isn't even filtered at all, it's really just that green!

  4. Not really, only two of the pictures are from this year! I wish though :)

    Thanks, I like the white one too!

  5. Oh wow that Chicago river is crazy!! No idea they did that!!

    Teffy { Teffy's Perks Blog } X

  6. Is it weird that I was totally grossed out by the river? :)

  7. If I remember correctly, it's a fungus or something that they use to dye it so yeah it's a little gross! Haha I could be totally wrong though...

  8. Thanks Emma! My brother went to university in Chicago so my friends and I were stoked when we decided to go for St. Patty's knowing we would get to see this :)

  9. It's really cool! The dye actually comes out like a neon yellow then turns more green as it mixes with the water. We got super lucky and ended up with a view of the river from our hotel room so we got to watch from the warmth of our room and had this nice bird's eye view.