Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Update & A Book Review

Ah Monday, we meet again. No complaints though since I had yet another relaxing weekend. I think I got so used to going traveling that I had forgotten what a normal weekend was like. Safe to say, this weekend reminded me that those two days off per week are meant for relaxing!

I didn't do much other than dinner with a friend on Friday night and some shopping with my mom. I actually had plans on Saturday evening but while at the mall I started to feel really under the weather. Achey back, total exhaustion and a cough were making me worried I might be getting the flu (thanks for passing down the hypochondria, mom). I canceled my plans and went home to lay down and take it easy. A good night's rest and a pumpkin spice latte did the trick but I still refrained from doing much on Sunday.

One good thing about a lazy weekend? I finished one of the two books I purchased Friday night, Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.

Admittedly, I've seen the book at Target before and picked it up a couple of times without ever buying it. I'm not sure why but it just wasn't speaking to me at the time. For whatever reason, it recently occurred to me that I just had to read this book and I impulse-purchased it at Barnes & Noble Friday night. Well I finished the book in two days so my gut was a total genius making me finally read it!

I won't go into to much detail because you should really read it for yourself, but Where'd You Go, Bernadette is about a family of three living in Seattle: a mom, dad and daughter. The family is clearly quirky and you find out pretty early that the mother, Bernadette, had something happen in her past that has shaped her into an agoraphobic recluse. Despite this, she has an excellent relationship with her daughter yet has grown apart from her husband. The family is planning a trip to Antarctica and Bernadette's behavior becomes stranger and stranger until she seemingly loses the plot and disappears. Bernadette's daughter, Bee, digs through emails, invoices and school memos to discover exactly what happened and where her mother has gone.

I really fell in love with Bernadette and Bee and could have read 300 more pages on their relationship. They were fun in a "Gilmore Girls" sort of way. The book has a real-life vibe. The husband works at Microsoft and there were many mentions of famous Seattle landmarks. I love when a book is like that, especially when I've been to the place before, makes it so much more relatable for me. Overall, Where'd You Go, Bernadette was an excellent read, and I highly suggest picking it up if you're on the lookout for a good book. If you've read it let me know your thoughts!


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME weekend! Those lazy weekends are my favorite. Also, you'll have to let me borrow that book sometime! :)

  2. I love lazy weekends!

    The book sounds interesting, not one I would usually pick up, but I'll keep a look out for it!

    Hmm maybe

  3. I love lazy weekends! I've been wanting to read more than I have been recently, maybe after the pile of books on my must-reads ill give this one a shot!

  4. I promise I left a comment this morning and my phone was not cooperating! I can't believe you already knocked out that book! I guess I need to read it!

    I can't wait for Mumford tomorrow!


  5. Hello,Emilly!I really think it's great to read a book and to imagine those things really happened in the places you had visited.I read many books before but never read one that speak about places I know.Only had to see a movie "Over the hills" 2012, that was filmed in the places I was born and was enough to see myself meeting at least one of the actors that played in the movie.And thank God it happened!I invite you on my blog too!