Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Bucket List

Big Tex @ the state fair

It's fall, y'all! Well not really if you're judging by the weather here in Texas so I'm just gonna go by the calendar instead. I decided to put together another bucket list (like I did for summer) this season but this time I'm going to hold myself way more accountable! Without further ado:

1. Go to the Texas State Fair
2. Continue working out regularly
3. Have more "me" time
4. Eat healthier
5. Read at least four books
6. Go hiking
7. Carve a pumpkin
8. Complete a 5k
9. Continue to use my DSLR more
10. Go to a flea market
11. Play tennis regularly
12. Bake a pie (open to suggestions!)
13. Spend more time with friends
14. Build a functional fall wardrobe
15. Go to the Greek Festival in Houston
16. Find the perfect pair of fall/winter boots
17. Go somewhere new
18. Try something new (always)
19. Send more mail
20. Become a runner
21. Spend more time creating
22. Volunteer somewhere
23. Change my hair color
24. Be more adventurous
25. Be more optimistic

Some of these things I already know I'll be doing for sure but I hope to complete everything by the end of November! I'll post pictures as I go, so be sure to keep up :) What are some things you're looking forward to doing this fall? Leave a link if you have a fall bucket list as well!


  1. I want to do # 10, 13, with you

    I want to reap the benefits of you doing # 12

    And I am also trying to do # 14 -- however I think I may have nailed # 16

    I love your lists. Maybe at the end of Nov you can do a recap and detail what you accomplished and failed at overall?! I'd love to see that!


    1. Of course you can do both those with me! Especially #13 ;)

      I'm definitely planning to! Just another reason to stick to #9 so I have lots of photo evidence.

  2. #23!? Wowwwzaaaaaa! :)

    Where would you like to volunteer? I've been thinking about doing the same for either a resume builder or to benefit the community!


    1. Haha I've already got an appt for #23! More on that next month :)

      I haven't decided for sure but I know of one that my brother does once a month. I might join in on that.

  3. I joined you on your bucket list! Maybe we can do some of our list items together! :)

    1. Love it! Let's carve pumpkins together!

  4. Love this! I'm all about bucket lists - I make one for every season!

    Alex xo

  5. Such a great list! Some of them are on my fall bucket list too. I'm running a 5K in two weeks and can't wait to cross that off.

    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award:

  6. I'd forgotten how much I love flea markets until you mentioned one.. :)