Monday, September 23, 2013

And She's Back

Week long break? Me? No way! Oh wait...yeah that happened. I guess an explanation is in order, but it's pretty simple. Basically, I was sick as a dog last Monday and Tuesday and I kind of took the rest of the week to recover. I really enjoyed getting home from work each night and either reading or crocheting then hitting the hay early. Sometimes a girl just needs a brain break!

This weekend brought more relaxation and some quality time with my mom. My mom got really into knitting a few years ago and re-taught me the bare basics. I didn't really stick with it until a couple of years ago and since then I've knitted and crocheted on and off and it's been a fun way to bond with my mom. Since I'm still hoping to open an etsy shop full of pretty knitted and crocheted items, my mom and I stopped by a local yarn store on Saturday. I got some fall colors for a cowl I've got in mind and planned future purchases for shop products. On Sunday my mom sat down with me and taught me a new-to-me knit stitch that I, luckily, picked up pretty quickly! I'm looking forward to making the cowl, now that I've got the basics down.

While at the yarn store, we browsed through a book full of adorable sweater patterns, and I've now decided that I must stick with knitting so I can make one of those sweaters for myself! That will obviously be a little way down the road, but I think it would be cool to make something so complicated that I could actually wear. I mean, who doesn't love a nice, cozy sweater? Exactly, and I think I'd love one even more if I made it with my own two hands!

Sunday I met up with Heather for lunch in The Heights at a cool little restaurant with a huge porch area. After the torrential downpour that happened from Thursday until Saturday morning, the gorgeous sunny weather we received on the first day of fall was welcomed with excitement! We don't get much of a fall in Texas but we were blessed with a nice cool morning and mild afternoon, which was amazing. I'm so over 90+ degree weather. Needless to say, Heather and I enjoyed the outdoor seating (although an umbrella for shade was still necessary) while her five-year-old nephew enjoyed playing in the creek that runs alongside the restaurant. It was a good thing neither of us were in a hurry since our food took around an hour. That being said, we enjoyed catching up while watching the Texans game...despite the outcome.

Sunday evening Sarah and I got together for an outfit shoot, so be on the lookout for that! I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks (how does that happen?) so, while we kept our visit short, I was glad for the time we got. Luckily we've already got a lot planned together over the next week :)

Well now that I'm a little more caught up, I promise not to take a week off again without a solid reason. Although I'm not sure who really cares, but I can pretend right? Random thought: have any of y'all read Julie &  Julia? I'm currently reading it and when Julie was writing her blog she called her blog readers "bleaders." Sooo if you're reading this, I suppose you can count yourself amongst my loyal bleaders. You go, Glen Coco.


  1. Yay! So happy you're back. I was feeling rather lonely.

    Also, teach me to knit, or just knit me all the things. I don't have to pay, do I??? I think my love and affection should be enough.


  2. I agree with Kass, our love and affection has got to count for something --- right??

    I seriously don't know how we managed to go so long without seeing each other but I'm glad we're getting back in the routine!!

  3. Ooo I love cosy jumpers! I'm actually wearing one right now!
    Looking forward to your etsy shop, I'm sure it'll be great =)

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } Xx

  4. Thanks for the love BFF! And of course you don't have to pay for all the knit things ;) Maybe next time I visit you in Austin we can set aside some time for me to teach you. It really is both relaxing and rewarding!

  5. This sweater looks reallllly complicated, I bet you'll get there in no time though!

    Bleaders is an awesome word, I may steal it and use it from time to time. :)

  6. Thanks boo! Your love and affection will be rewarded with bestie time and some yarn craft swag :P

  7. I'll definitely post about it when it's up and running! I'm jealous you are already getting sweater weather, that's my favorite!

  8. Yes it does! The whole book was full of cute sweaters so I'm hoping I get to that point :)

    Haha feel free! I can't help but mentally refer to my blog readers as bleaders now and I think it's hilarious!

  9. It's good to take some time off now and then :) hope you're feeling better!

    My knitting always goes awry, I end up with more loops with every row!

    Hmm maybe...