Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seaside Florida

After thoroughly enjoying ourselves at Rosemary Beach we hopped in the car and headed back the way we came to do some exploring in Seaside. If I had to choose just one of these areas to return to it would be a tough call. Rosemary Beach had that adorable hotel (which I discovered is called The Pearl and is even more adorable inside) but Seaside had a delicious restaurant called The Great Southern Cafe. By the time we arrived in Seaside we were starving so we didn't necessarily consciously choose the restaurant but we were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, food choices and our meals.

We were seated in their covered patio area that had a bar and picnic style tables. The natural light pouring in was nice and I loved hearing the rain as we munched and chatted about a little bit of everything.

As we waited for our food Lilly got serious about coloring while Sam and I took turns trying on my newly purchased heart shaped sunnies. I had tried them on in a store purely for kicks and giggles and they ended up looking really cute. When I found out they were only $15 I decided I couldn't live without them!

The menu was loaded with excellent seafood and southern dishes but the second I saw crab cakes I knew what I'd be ordering! I did flip-flop between the crab cakes and the french dip momentarily but was ultimately sold by the fried green tomatoes. Sam got the french dip so I did get a few bites of that and her mom got the shrimp po boy and shared some of her shrimp with us (no photos of their meals, sorry).

All three of us demolished our lunches, yet somehow were still talked into ordering the chocolate pie for dessert. Oh. Em. Gee. Sooo good! We managed enough self control not to finish the entire slice but I like to think we could have.

We decided to walk off our lunches and avoid the worst of the rain by perusing a few more shops. One was a small toy store called Duckies Shop of Fun that was perfect for keeping the two and a half year old occupied. Lilly played with a tea set for at least twenty minutes and would have probably never left if we hadn't made her.

The rain finally let up enough for us to run to the car and head home for the day. I managed to snap a few more shots on our way out some of the cute food trailers along the road. I definitely want a chance to go back and see what they had to offer.

Hopefully I can go again next summer and experience Seaside and Rosemary Beach in the sunshine. I'd love to stay in either place too since they both had a lot to offer within walking distance of many of the homes. I do have one more post about a cool little art gallery in Seaside so come back tomorrow for details!


  1. Your pictures are so cute! You make me want to go to the Destin area now!

    1. Destin would be a ton of fun for a group trip, especially if we stayed in Rosemary Beach or Seaside! Maybe we could look into it for next summer. There were bike rental places everywhere and so much within walking distance that I think everyone could be kept pretty well entertained.