Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Restaurant Review: Velvet Taco

In my last post I promised a more in depth review about Velvet Taco so here it is! Velvet Taco is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. If I sat down and categorized a list of Dallas eats, VT would be number one in the "grab a bite with friends" category.

Diana introduced me to VT about a year and a half ago and the quirky little fusion taco stand became a fast favorite. The restaurant is located at the intersection of Highway 75 and Knox-Henderson, just a couple exits north of downtown Dallas. The area has lots of shops and bars too so VT is excellent for an afternoon bite or dinner before going out. Diana and I were early adaptors and it's been fun to watch the restaurant grow and establish itself.

There's usually a line when you get there, but that just means quality people watching and plenty of time to check out the menu. I was in good company so I didn't mind :)

The menu is up on the wall for easy perusing. There's still a good amount of room between this area and the register so I've never felt rushed when trying to decide what I want. That being said, I'm a creature of habit and generally stick with what I like.

See that little "margarita me" sign? Listen to it! Their margs are delicious and the perfect compliment to any one of their tacos.

It's not called Velvet Taco for nothing! The red velvet cake is to die for. If I'm being totally honest, I've only ever had it once but that's because I usually fill up on tacos and margaritas. Try it if you've got room after your meal!

I opted for the Crisp Tikka Chicken taco (#3) with a side of rotisserie corn and a margarita (duh). I tried that taco the last time I went to VT in April and I've been craving it ever since! The chicken is super crispy and tossed in a spicy pepper sauce that goes perfect with the cilantro basmati rice that it sits on. Their tacos tend to get pretty messy but this one, not so much. The corn is "elote-style" and sooo creamy and delicious. I normally get a side of their potatoes but I'm so glad I opted for the corn this time; I've been missing out!

Diana ordered her usual favorite, the Grilled Flank Steak & Egg taco (#21) with a side of potatoes. I've never tried that one, but since it's Di's standard order, I'm guessing it's pretty good. Those potatoes, though? Yes. Just yes. They're roasted with lemon, garlic, crema and parsley and it just works. I really want to try to come up with a copycat recipe because they're way too good not to eat on a regular basis!

Jody had already eaten so she just got a margarita. You can't go wrong with that!

One of my favorite things about VT is the backdoor bird. For $20 cash money you get a whole rotisserie chicken, two sides of elote-style corn, six corn tortillas, roasted corn pico de gallo and Korean BBQ sauce. All you do is walk up to the back door, knock, hand them your cash then wait for them to bring you the goods. My friends and I took advantage of the backdoor bird a few times for girls nights and we were never disappointed. Plus, $20 for all that is cheap!

In case you can't tell, I'm pretty obsessed with Velvet Taco and miss eating there on the regular. I did read that VT is expanding to Fort Worth, Chicago and Los Angeles soon and I'm crossing my fingers that Houston will be next on the list! For now I'll just have to stay content with a trip every couple months when I go to Dallas. If you've been to Velvet Taco, what's your favorite taco?


  1. Ahhh i've never been here and it looks sooooo yummy! I can't wait to try it out now!

    That's great for me they're expanding, so if I don't get the chance to get some here, I can definitely get it in Cali! :)


    1. Girl, you better go before you end up in Cali! I'll be up again in October and I'll take you ;)

  2. That food looks DELISH!

    Any chance they're coming to the UK ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog lovely, I'm definitely giving you a follow to see more food!

    Hmm maybe...

    1. Seriously, the BEST tacos! If you ever end up in Dallas for some reason, now you know where to eat :)

      Thank you for the comment and follow!

  3. I am so hungry now! I spend too much time online looking at yummy food pictures.
    Love the photos!
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  4. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)