Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest Blogger: Diana of From Rags To Northrich

While I'm soaking up sun and the last bit of summer on the beach, some of my best friends have stepped in to take care of my blog! First up is Diana of From Rags To Northrich. Diana was the first friend I made in Dallas outside of work and it didn't take us long to realize we were meant to be BFFs. I miss her dearly since moving to Houston but I've loved hearing about all the details of her life and her new house on her blog! Don't forget to pop over and check out her space of the Internet after reading :) Take it away, Di!

Hi everyone!

I’m Diana, new blogger, new homeowner, and friend to Emily! I’m shocked that she asked me to guest
post for her while she is living the life in Destin, but I’m happy to attempt to entertain her readers for
the day!

I started my blog, From Rags To Northrich, at the beginning of July. I have followed blogs for about two years but never felt that I had anything interesting to write about until one big thing changed in June 2013. Here is my story…

I met Emily through my husband Mark. Long story, but she was a friend of a friend, and we were both new to Dallas and looking for more friends! We hit it off immediately with our love of the pool and food, specifically Velvet Taco. Emily introduced me to her college friends Brittany and Heather, who all lived in Dallas at the time, and you could find versions of us four hanging out together at any given moment. Emily watched my puppy when I got engaged, babysat both cats while I was honeymooning, and joined me on road trips to Austin just for fun.

So as the months went on after my wedding in November, Emily got a job and moved to Houston, Brittany got a new position and moved to Arkansas, Heather got a promotion, and Mark and I quietly settled into married life. Then one day at the end of June, I announced to the world via Facebook and Instagram that Mark and I had bought a house! We took a lot of our friends and family members by surprise because we hadn’t talked about the possibility of home ownership with anyone but our close family. After the offer was signed, I started brainstorming about the blog I would finally get to write because I would now have something to write about.

Mark and I have had possession of our house now for about two weeks. Mark is an architect and I am an interior designer, so we have grand visions of what we want our home to be. I have jumped into the blog world head first and I am chronicling our adventure step by step with shopping tips, decorating ideas, DIY projects, and updates on the house. I have a slight obsession with Young House Love and I mention their blog in almost every post. I hope you hop on over to my blog and follow along on our adventure as we make a home to call our own.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I can't believe Diana has only been blogging for two months! And I really enjoyed hearing about how you guys met, oddly I never knew that part! haha

    Great post, Di!