Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

shorts: c/o James Jeans, top: Francesca's, sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs, ring: Kendra Scott, watch: Michele

Remember how I mentioned I won a pair of shorts from James Jeans? Well these are the shorts and I absolutely love them! The color is great because they're dark enough that I can dress up a more casual top but still be comfortable and cool for summer. They can also be cuffed up if you're feeling like going a little shorter. I won these simply by participating in one of James Jeans' Instagram contests so if you're interested, go follow them! They do a great job of showcasing their beautiful denim and give tons of outfit inspiration pictures. Also, I'm sure this wasn't their last contest ;)

Sarah took these photos after our brunch date Saturday morning at Lake Woodlands. We had an excellent time wandering around amongst the massive houses and enjoying the view of the lake. I loved this top too. It was probably in the lower 90's while we were out but there was a nice breeze to go along with my semi-backless top that kept me a little more comfortable. Since Sarah and I didn't have time to go kayaking on Saturday (even though we both wanted to just jump right in the water!) we decided to go this Sunday. I'm glad we're finding so many ways to enjoy this pretty little city!

A semi-backless top, comfortable pair of shorts, dark shades and lots of sun make a pretty perfect summer day, in my opinion. What's your perfect summer day? Do you prefer shorts or sundresses?


  1. Sundresses all the way!! Sarah takes wonderful pictures! It looks so pretty there, I wish Dallas had areas like this. :/

  2. This was so fun and I am super looking forward to Kayaking and brunch on Sunday. We make a pretttty good team! :P

    1. Kayaking was so fun! I can't wait to go again!