Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ready to Roam

I’ve got the strongest urge to travel right now. It’s horrible. I mean, I’ve got a trip to Seattle and Vancouver coming up at the end of May but that’s basically still two months away (6.5 weeks to be exact, I die). I’ve also got a trip to London and Paris (well, when I book my flights anyway) to look forward to later this year. Both will be fun, but they still seem so far! When I say I want to travel right now, I mean pack up my bags and hop a flight tomorrow…Fiji would be nice.

My days are spent dreaming of beautiful vacations and figuring out when I can go, since there’s that whole problem of time and money. Now that winter is gone and dreary April showers are upon us I’m so ready for a sunny beach with sparkling blue water and white sand. So far I’ve looked up flights to Costa Rica, Miami, LA and Big Sur—see a pattern there? I’m sure I won’t be visiting any of those places this year but a girl can dream!

For now I’ll just have to be content for another 6.5 weeks until I head up to, imho, the most beautiful city in the country! It helps I’ve got an aunt, uncle and adorable twin cousins to visit while I’m there J I’ll also be getting the first stamp in my passport with a quick jaunt up to Vancouver. It may not be a tropical vacation, but there are houseboats in Seattle and beaches in Vancouver so that counts for something!

P.S. Any of my faithful readers (all 30 of you!) going anywhere fun soon?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Good Things Come to Those Who Wake

Good Morning Friends! I have now been awake for 4 hours already today and I feel grrreat! For now anyway, the sleepiness will set in later and I'll start to feel more like I want to die. For the past week and a half I have been waking up around 4 a.m. for a 5:30 spin class two days a week. I'm honestly shocked that I've been making it but super proud too. Spin is an hour class and then I do my own thing after (usually an arms workout), it really feels great to get my workout done so early. That being said, I couldn't do this every morning, I still stick with after-work gym trips 2-3 days a week.

I'm a little sad because I was SO excited for my new shoes and now I'm thinking I'm going to have to exchange them. I noticed this weekend that my knees and ankles were sore going up and down stairs but I tried to just blow it off. Yesterday I decided to take care of my cardio warmup on the treadmill (I've been sticking with the stairmaster of late, buns of steel ya know?) and I only lasted five minutes due to the pain. When I started running it felt totally off and my knees were killing me, even when I tried slowing down the treadmill and kicking up the incline I was still really uncomfortable. I switched to the elliptical and tried to stick to my workout plan but I know I was taking it a little easy on myself. Oh well, this week I'll try to do a comparison between my Reeboks and Asics and see how the knees and ankles do, I may just need to trade the Asics in for something with more support.

A little change in direction, I've been so exhausted getting used to my new schedule that I haven't had much time to blog so here's a little bit about my weekend. Friday I headed straight up to Dallas after work to see some friends and a couple of films at the Dallas International Film Festival. It was a little weird being back as a visitor but everything felt so familiar and like home, made me miss it! Saturday was pretty busy, I saw two DIFF movies, had lunch and went out that night. Luckily I got a chance to see my friends Angelica and Manny at lunch and catch up a little.
A little shot of one of the DIFF theaters.
Brittany and Heather and I really enjoyed the first movie we saw, The Brass Teapot. I don't fancy myself a movie critic or reviewer so if you want to know more look here. It was a good one and I believe it's in some theaters this month so if you're able, I would say check it out! Later Brittany and I saw Kilimanjaro which I liked as well. Brittany wasn't a fan but it didn't really have a happy ending so not her type of movie. I can't tell if it will be in theaters but I'd imagine it would be a limited release if so, I would recommend Kilimanjaro as well but it may not be for everyone.

Brit and I braved the uptown Dallas scene Saturday night and kept it pretty casual. It ended up just being us two ladies out on the town but that was alright with me! I stuck to my guns on the no alcoholic beverages rule so the poor girl had to drink alone, but we always have fun regardless.
Ready to hit da clubz (jk)
Sunday was bittersweet since it meant back to reality and back to Houston! I did get to have lunch with Brit, Heather and Jenna though so I couldn't think of a better send off :) I had a little bit of car trouble on the way home but made it back, exhausted. My car will be fine, I think, but it's about on it's last leg anyway. Assuming I can actually make it, I'm looking forward to more trips up to Dallas to see all my favorite people!

P.S. Sorry for such a long post, I had a lot to catch up on! Thanks for reading if you made it all the way down here :)