Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend + Working Out

Happy Easter friends! I hope you've all had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and reflecting on what today is truly about. I had a lovely morning at church and a delicious meal of shrimp tacos afterwards with my family. Always a pleasure to spend holidays with my loved ones!

This weekend was equal parts discouraging and encouraging on the fitness motivation front. I woke up around 6:30 on Saturday morning for a spin class at the gym. It was early but it's an absolute must for me to get some fuel in before a workout of any kind.
Just a slice of toast with chocolate PB2 and bananas but it did the job! Spin has definitely become my favorite way to get cardio into my workout routine. For those who don't know, spin is a cycle class done on stationary bikes. There's a little knob on the bike that adjusts the resistance which you do throughout the class. It's hard but a lot of fun and I'll take any class that keeps me coming back for more :)

I also took my measurements Saturday morning with some help from this little guy:
Just hoping that my monkey friend will give me some better news when I do that again in a couple of weeks! Although the scale brought me down a little bit more than the monkey, but I think the number was also reflecting some of the muscle I've gained in the last couple weeks...that's what I'm choosing to believe anyway haha.

Later in the day I did some shopping and finally got a new pair of running shoes! I'm hoping they help with my attempt at running outside. I needed a new pair of shoes since mine were two years old and these are a welcome change, it's like running on a pillow.
Here are my pretty new Asics! I didn't even tell the guy my favorite color is blue and this is what he brought me, so clearly it was meant to be. I had asked for suggestions of running shoes on Facebook and nearly everyone said Asics, now I know why! I've only tested them out once but they're really comfortable and seem long-lasting. 

I was a little discouraged after my run today, even with my new shoes. I left the house super pumped and started out with a warm-up walk. After about three minutes I began my run and had to slow it back down two a walk after just 2.5 minutes. I was able to run a couple more times during the 15 minutes I was out (had to beat a thunderstorm home) but it was a little disheartening. I'll keep it up but I definitely missed the treadmill today, I feel like I get more out of it when I can actually run! I did my best to turn my frustration to my arms and abs workout so I think I was able to turn it around a little.

All in all I had a really great weekend and I'm not going to let anything stop me from reaching my goals! I would like to point out that, even though tomorrow is April 1st, I actually did 30 push-ups today. They weren't GOOD push-ups, but part of the challenge is to get better at them throughout the month.

P.S. Have any of you struggled with running outdoors? I'd love to hear any tips you may have!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rediscovering Fitness

Oh, hey blog, nice to you see you again! I guess I've been a bad blogger, but I’m back and going to take things in a little bit different direction.

During my (nearly) two month hiatus I moved back to Houston to start an awesome new job! For the purpose of saving money, I moved in with my parents. It feels a little bit like a backtrack until I check my bank account, then I remember why it makes sense (yay for no bills!).

Since moving, I rarely have things to do on weeknights. I don’t even have to cook anymore, which is awesome if I’m being honest (I am) but sure doesn't encourage productivity. So instead of getting home and being lazy I finally bit the bullet and got my butt to the gym. I don’t know where the sudden motivation came from but I’m not complaining! I’m going to start using my blog as a sort of accountability tool. I hope that if I blog about my rediscovered love of working out then I’ll be more likely to stick with it, ya know the whole putting-it-out-there-in-public-makes-you-do-it thing. We’ll see but I’m starting out by setting a few goals and challenges for myself.

For the month of April I’m giving myself four challenges:
  1. Work out six days per week
  2. Do at least 10 push-ups per day
  3. No fast food
  4. No alcoholic beverages 

There probably won’t normally be so many challenges each month but I figured I’d go big to start out with. I don’t drink or eat fast food much anyway but it happens enough that I felt like they would be easy things to cut out for a month. The push-ups…well I know that 10 isn’t a lot, but it is for me! By the end of the month I’m hoping to see some major improvement on that number, which is the whole point anyway!

Some of my long-term goals:
  1. Join a running club
  2. Run an entire 5k
  3. Have a beach bod 

I found out about a running club in my area and I thought that would be a fun way to meet people…the only problem is that I suck at running outside (also a problem for goal #2).  I’m hoping by the end of April I’ll feel confident enough to at least attempt to run with a group. The last goal speaks for itself and is really all any girl wants this time of year. J

Okay that’s enough of a boring intro post. I promise these will get more interesting if you stick with me! Happy Friday!

P.S. In case anyone is reading this other than just my family and friends, I'd love to hear what your fitness goals or challenges are! (Family and friends feel free to share too)