Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello There

As a New Years resolution I decided to try something new each month of the year, so this month I am taking the leap to start a blog. It may not seem like much of a leap but it's something new for me and I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog develops throughout the year. As far as other New Years resolutions go, they were pretty typical: improve my eating and workout more, save more money etc. I'm looking to get involved in some sort of charity organization, I will have to start keeping an eye out for promising opportunities. Thus far, I've worked out a few times, eaten way better (for the most part) and tried out some Spanish dishes for the first time. My resolutions are slowly coming right along :)

I'm currently attempting to write this while watching The Bachelor with three of my best friends and I have clearly made very little progress over the past couple of hours.* I think it's time to wrap this first post up. I hope anyone reading this is having a great Monday! Come back for more :)

*No judgement, I used to hate this show but since making it a weekly tradition with my best girlfriends I have really grown to enjoy it. I may get nothing else out of it other than making fun of the crazies with my best friends but it's still fun!

Here are some of our previous Bachelor venues:

Ketchup Burger Bar in Dallas where they gave us our own corner and volume control.

Their fries must be mentioned, they are beyond delicious.

At Diana's one night (we pre-gamed with Seinfeld).


  1. Yaye! Your first blog post! Can't wait to watch the bach on the reg with you in about a month!! Holla at your girl!

    1. Yes! I'm sad I will be losing my current Bachelor crew but glad that I can keep the tradition alive with you! If you can handle it anyway...